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Advanced Winesaving Tips for Wine Professionals

Penfolds uses winesave to save their older bottles of Grange served by the glass

Here are some tips for trade customers like restaurants, bars, and cellar doors to get the most out of winesave to reduce wastage when serving wines by the glass:

1) Frequency

One of the most important things for businesses to consider when using winesave is how frequently to use it - you essentially have two options:

Option A = After Every Pour

  • If it's possible that the bottle of wine may not be opened again for hours, or

  • If the wine is exceptionally fragile, or

  • If the bottle is very expensive...

Then you should use winesave after every pour.

Option B = End of Day

  • If you will likely be pouring the wine again within an hour or two, or

  • The wine is known to be exceptionally hardy, or

  • If the bottle is quite inexpensive...

Then you can just winesave at the end of the day/shift.

2) Use Sparingly at First

While our instructions state to simply press for one second, since the pressure is the greatest when you just start using winesave and you don't need a lot of argon for it to do its job, you can actually get away with only using half a second for the first 10-12 applications.

3) Keep Spraying While You Remove Tube

Winesave's ultra-repellant tube allows the argon to be dispensed closer to the surface of the wine and below the majority of the air in the bottle. By continuing to depress the nozzle while you pull the tube out of the bottle may help to reduce any argon escaping as you remove the tube.

4) Store Bottles in Fridge

To keep a bottle for as long as possible, you could store it in the fridge AFTER winesaving. The lower temperature slows down the oxidation reaction but it does increase oxygen absorption, so winesave FIRST before putting in a fridge.

5) Keep The Bottle Upright

After winesaving, keep the bottle vertical so as not to disturb the layer of argon goodness.

We'll periodically update this article with even more tips over time.

Do you have suggestions as well?

Let us know!


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