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We're humbled by all the love we've received

Jancis Robinson

Wine Correspondent, Financial Times; Author, The 24-Hour Wine Expert; Advisor to Queen Elizabeth II; OBE, MW

There is a new and extremely simple product available that seems to be more effective than its predecessors for keeping wine fresh in an opened bottle.

I have found it pretty good at preserving even delicate old red burgundy over a week.

Philippe Guigal

Directeur General & Oenologue, E.GUIGAL | Chateau d' Ampuis

Winesave actually works perfectly for opened bottles.

John Gilman

Author of View From the Cellar

To my mind, it is the Krug Champagne of wine preservation systems and one simply has to try it to become a true believer.

It has dramatically changed how often I am able to enjoy the older wines in my cellar.

Curtis Marsh

Founder, The Wandering Palate; Writer, Robert Parker Wine Advocate; Asia Corresponent, Thomson Reuters; Columnist, Asia Sentinel

I have tested winesave for several months on a wide range of grape varieties, styles and bottle age; from young and relatively fragile aromatic white wines to completely mature vintages of red wines, even a 1977 vintage port. Not one wine showed any sign of deterioration. Even after opening and resealing several times, all kept perfectly for more than two months, with some improved.

Appreciating that there is palpable consumer disconnect with wine technology - the simplicity, affordability, the natural qualities of argon and winesave technology are hard to ignore, and is a major development that should be a boon for wine consumption at home, and anywhere wine is served – by the glass.

Ben Edwards

President, Sommeliers Australia; Co-Contributor, Australian Wine Companion; Editor, The Wine Guide

I opened a bottle of Hunter Shiraz to taste in late November and immediately closed with winesave.


Just opened it to have a look (2.5 months later) and the wine is as fresh as a daisy!

Sam Kim

Wine writer, Senior Wine Judge at the NZ International Wine Show, New World Wine Awards, Royal Easter Show Wine Awards, Liquor land International Wine Competition & Cuisine Magazine

I have used winesave for the last few weeks on many bottles and found it to be indispensable.


It is a tremendously useful tool for all wine lovers, …and I will most definitely continue to use and recommend it when I can!.

Brett Crittenden

Guigal Global Ambassador, UK; International Wine Judge; BACinwine


Francis Wilden

Retail Food Strategist

Over 40 years of drinking the greatest wines of the world, I’ve tried, tested and rejected lots of wine preservation devices. From the very small list that actually work, one stands out for its efficacy, ease of use and cost effectiveness: winesave.

If you are interested in the quality of the wine that you serve, as well as the social and financial benefits of not wasting wine, you too should be winesaving

Clare Burder

Wine educator, wine producer and the director of The Humble Tumbler

Winesave is really effective at extending the drinking window of open wine – I always recommend it to my students and clients.

Stephen James

Manager of Winemaking and Viticulture, Voyager Estate; Winner of Margaret River Wine Industry Association’s Viticultural Excellence Award.

I'm happy to open a really good bottle if I feel like a glass or two when otherwise I probably wouldn't through fear of not wanting to waste the remainder.

Greg Melick

Board of Directors, Wine Society; Vigneron and International Wine Judge; Owner, Pressing Matters Vineyard; AO, RFD, S.C., MJW

At last an effective wine saver that really works! It just happens to be called "winesave".

I have been carrying out some tests with grand crus etc and because it is argon and sits atop the wine I have had no problems with wines stored up to 10 days.

Andrew Navakas

Cellar Master, Wine & Food Society of Victoria

I am impressed - I love it. It will change my consumption patterns for the better (both from a health & interest viewpoint at home - I no longer feel 'obliged' to finish a bottle, and feel comfortable at having many bottles open on any night).


I am now evangelising your product to all my wine loving friends - it is simple and perfect.

John Bartlett

New Zealand Wine Directory

I have been using winesave for several weeks now as part of my wine review process - in the past I used to vacuum seal opened bottles but they'd only last a day or two before starting to oxidize.


Now I can say after saving a number of bottles using winesave, that the opened bottles can last safely a week or more with no loss of freshness, aromatics, flavours or any noticeable change! Excellent product!

Heather Harrison

Purple Teeth | Wine Blogger, Wine Consultant

Loving my winesave! Opened my bottle 10 nights ago and we had a glass each. Coming back for our second glass, it's just as fresh & vibrant.

Chris Miley

Chris on Wine | Author of "How To Build Your Own Wine Cellar"

I’ve used many wine preserving products over the years, but it seems to me that Winesave has virtually made them obsolete overnight. The absolute simplicity of Winesave is rather weird at first, but once you use it and learn to trust it, you will have no fear of opening anything that is not going to be finished that day or week.

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Winesave is a fantastic product.


I’ve been trusting it to keep my wines in primo condition.


I’m the only wine drinker in my house & now I can enjoy a good drop over 10 days & it’s as good on the 10th day as the first.

This product is fantastic!


It really does give a bottle of wine an extra few days. It's perfect for when you don't want to commit to a whole bottle, but you'd really love a glass.

The customer service at Winesave is also amazing. They fixed a postal error and sent out my products out again free of charge!

I would highly recommend!

Great product, certainly prolongs the life of left over wines.

I have been using Winesave for about 8 years now and found it reliable in keeping the wine fresh.

One bottle of red was left after treating it with winesave, for 6 weeks at room temperature ( I forgot to put it in the frig) and it was still good when opened.

I recommend its use to all my friends, and occasionally give it for a Christmas present to some

Winesave- helps to savour wine over a week

If you want to make your wine last for a week in tip top fresh condition, it works every time. I have not tried it longer as I cannot keep myself from finishing it off within a week.

Fantastic value for money, very user-friendly.

Sometimes I open a red for a day, and may use Winesave on Day 1 rather than Day 0- preserves the wine the way you want it. Recommended !!

Great for olive oil too.

I store my olive oil in a stainless steel fusti which is not airtight. To protect from oxidation I need a heavier that air product such as pure argon - other gases such as nitrogen and CO2 would offer very limited protection in this setting.


Best of all - I can use it for my wine too.

"Winesave makes it possible for us to have wines by the glass on our menu.

Being in a seasonal location where our trade is mostly on weekends and over school holidays, we would not otherwise afford to do this.

Winesave is a vital part of being able to sell 5 glasses per bottle, saving us $1000's on our bottom line and offering wine by the glass for a reasonable cost to the customers."

The Kingfisher Cafe

Blueys Beach, Australia

I think they are amazing devices. I describe them to friends as the poor man's Coravin! They have certainly revolutionised my wine drinking and I recommend them to all my friends.

Alastair McEwan

United Kingdom

 It works wonderful! I went to Italy and 2 weeks later the wine was still perfect!

Mike Edgar


I purchased winesave canisters end of last year and am very satisfied with the product.

Frans van Daalen


After trying winesave once I have been totally converted. It is great to have an affordable home winesave device that actually works and keeps the wine for a good length of time. I'm sure will be a must have for every wine lover."

Dawn Davies

Head Sommelier, Selfridges, United Kingdom

Winesave has absolutely revolutionized the way we serve wine in this restaurant. And it has totally eliminated waste for us. Wonderful.

Michelle Lynch

Lento, South Yarra, Australia

I tried it. After a week it was still fresh.

Nicola Tipping

Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines, South Africa

I reckon I've mentioned this in a past email, but I've been having such a good time with the gadget that I figured it was worth another plug. Being, at best, a half-bottle over-dinner chap I'm traditionally quite cautious about what bottles I open (particularly on a school night). And while I maintain a healthy skepticism about most wine gadgets, I'm happy to admit the merit in this one. It keeps most bottles looking fresh and drinkable for well past a week. The wines certainly change somewhat – just as they do in the glass – but they maintain their vitality. I guess the wine-adventurous could have several bottles on the go at once … a sort of at-home-wine-bar!

Tony Harper

The Wine Emporium Weekly Newsletter, Australia.

Thank you for introducing us here at Village Roadshow to your wonderful product. With over 20 wines by the glass in our 9 locations wastage was one of our biggest issues….no longer since the introduction of winesave. It has changed our world for the better!

Fab Nicolao

Director Food & Beverage, Village Roadshow Cinemas, Australia

​⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Now 5 months into using and it really works - just one simple dose (Argon) and it preserves it for days or weeks (max so far 4.5 weeks in fridge for a quality aged red) - same taste! So in the end it saves money and makes drinking wine more enjoyable.



I tried it on the most fragile wine in my portfolio – one that is always undrinkable the day after opening. I had a third of a bottle left over at 5pm, winesaved it then looked at it three or four days later and it was perfect. I want all my sales reps using it.

David Burkitt

Vintage & Vine, Australia

We have been using winesave for a few months now and think it is great.

Mark Best

Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide's 2010 Chef of the Year; Three-hatted Marque Restaurant

Great product and really great service! Thanks… your customer for life!

David L.


winesave allows us to offer more wines by the glass, it guarantees consistent quality for extended periods of time after the wine is open.

Marcus Boyle

Restaurant Manager of Tippling Club Singapore

I used to use vacuum pumps but that kills the aromas. Now I only use winesave and it helps keep my bottle fresh for at least a week! Easy to use, cheaper than other options, and it's the only one that works with champagne!

Michael Sit

Hong Kong

Love the product, best preserving your wine. Winesave is the way to go. Works perfectly!

Sesilia Erni

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A great product to keep wine nice and fresh once it has been opened.

Bryson Moulton

New Zealand

Winesave just works. That's it. If your wine is worth preserving then you should be using winesave with 100% argon. You can't beat the product and the convenience of application. 

Robert Bialer

United States

Finally...a glass at a time...and it's still fine for next weekend...a brilliant idea.

Sharon Meadows



Elle Nattaya


​⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I've used this wine preserver for several years and find it works well to preserve wine for several days or weeks even in a very similar condition to when it's just been opened. There is no smell or taste impact from the argon that I've ever detected. While it's not cheap each canister does last for a good while as you need relatively little gas each time. I've found it ends up saving money in terms of not having to throw away wine that's started to taste poor.




Ao Apichaikongwat



Peter McNally


Works great & saves my wine consistently every time.

Matthew Bray


Great product!


Really made me feel more comfortable to buy and try more expensive wines. Knowing I could 'winesave' them for later.


Great stuff.

Such an ingenious product.


Works great. Keeps leftover wine still tasting great. And so easy to use.


I can now happily open a bottle to have one glass and don't have to worry about wasting the rest of the bottle if it sits for a few days.


I love this product!

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