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The Wandering Palete

Must Have Wine Accessory of the Year

An innovative Australian company, winesave has introduced ground-breaking technology that successfully dispenses food-grade argon in an effective and affordable canister.

No doubt there will be some consumer skepticism with the very mention of ‘gas’ however, argon has been used in wineries and food production for many years and is a completely natural product coming from the very air we breathe, and obtained by modern methods of liquefaction of gases and fractional distillation.


Argons most exceptional quality is it combines with nothing; an atom that is totally resistant to bonding with other elements and being two and half times heavier than air, simply falls down displacing the harmful oxygen, forming an impenetrable layer between the wine and air.


With the wine bottle kept upright and relatively cool, the barrier of argon will preserve wine perfectly for many weeks, indeed months. I have personally trialed winesave for several months on a wide range of grape varieties, styles and bottle age; from young and relatively fragile aromatic white wines to completely mature vintages of red wines, even a 1977 Vintage Port.


The results were conclusive if not astounding with not one wine showing any sign of deterioration at all. Even after opening and resealing several times, all kept perfectly for over 2 months, and some improved!

The simplicity, affordability, natural qualities of argon and winesave technology is a watershed development that will revolutionize wine consumption at home, and anywhere wine is served – by the glass.

GQ Magazine

Five Wine Accessories Every GQ Man Should Have

This is a can of argon gas that you spray into any bottle of wine that’s left half drunk. The argon gas floats on the surface, preventing oxidation, meaning the wine lasts longer.

The UK Daily Mail

Stop pouring it down the sink!

British households throw away two glasses of wine a week on average, according to new research.

It adds up to 624 million bottles a year nationally, says a new study - enough to fill 333 Olympic sized swimming pools.

The Daily Mail Australia

Saving wine is a gas!

If you often let half-drunk bottles of wine go to waste, there’s a nifty way to save it.


A gadget called winesave protects opened wine by injecting argon, an inert and odourless gas, into the bottle.


The gas is heavier than air, so sinks to the surface of the liquid, protecting its taste by providing a ‘perfect and impenetrable seal’.

Wine usually decays on contact with oxygen in the air, which leads to its sharp, vingerary taste after too long exposes to the elements.

It means you’ll never again have to pour oxidised wine down the sink. Simply squirt argon from the winesave canister and replace the cap or cork.

Gadgetz Geek

Winesave Saves Opened Bottles of Wine from Getting Wasted

If you are among the countless people who after having drunk half of a bottle of wine are not able to drink anymore and leave the rest of wine to get wasted can avoid the same by using an effective way of saving it that has been let loose in the market.


Winesave is able to protect opened wine by inserting argon, an odorless and inert gas, into the wine bottle.

Argon being heavier than air goes downwards and ultimately settles on the outer surface of the wine, thereby keeping its taste intact by providing a ‘faultless and impassable seal’.


This technique basically stops the oxygen of the air from making contact with the wine and decaying it, thereby stopping it from acquiring that sharp, vingerary flavor.


This means that you are no more going to be forced to empty a bottle of oxidized wine into the sink, and all this by simply shooting argon from the winesave can and replacing the cork or cap.

Around Your Wine, EuroCave

How to preserve an open bottle of wine

The superior alternative to partial vacuum preservation is the use of a gas blanket such as winesave argon gas preserver which uses inert gas argon to inhibit oxidization.


Argon is far denser than nitrogen, so forms a complete seal over the wine surface as well as being less able (if not completely unable) to dissolve into the wine over time.

Financial Review

Six ways to keep opened wine fresh

A user-friendly delivery system for the inert, odourless argon gas used by many restaurants to form a protective “blanket" between the wine and the air in the bottle.


Its many influential advocates swear by it. The at-home version comes in a canister: you attach a tube to the nozzle to squirt the gas into the bottle before reapplying the original seal.

Visit Vineyards

Sip, savour and save your favourite wines

Wine lovers can now enjoy their favourite wines over days without the worry of spoilage thanks to a revolutionary new product, winesave.


Winesave stores argon gas under pressure which when dispensed into an open bottle preserves the wine by forming an inert barrier that stops spoilage from oxygen, without affecting the characteristics of the wine.


Unlike other products which claim to stop wine spoilage, winesave is not a combination of gases, but pure food-grade argon.

Winesave inventor Daryl Davies says he had the idea for the product for a number of years. However, it was not until he returned to Melbourne in 2009 after 30 years overseas that he had the time to pursue the opportunity.

He has spent the year working with manufacturers in Australia and overseas to develop a product which meets demanding professional standards of restaurants, cafes and wineries as well as the wine enthusiast. Winesave is affordable and precision packed in an inexpensive, easy to use container which is safe and environmentally friendly. The can and its components are all recyclable and of course, argon itself just returns to the atmosphere from where it originated.

M. Philippe GUIGAL, Directeur General and oenologue of E. GUIGAL, makers of more 100-point Robert Parker wines than any other single wine producer, has given his unqualified support to winesave.

M. Guigal tested winesave at home at Chateau D'Ampuis during his wife Eve's pregnancy and was so impressed by it that he happily provided his quote and will have winesave on the tasting table at Chateau D'Ampuis where all Maison Guigal tastings take place.

Wine List Australia

Sommeliers Choice

After many years of international research and development, wine enthusiasts can now enjoy their favourite bottle over a period of several weeks without any deterioration, oxidation or spoilage. Winesave inventor Daryl Davies has turned every wine lover's dream into reality.

Drawing on technology from the NASA space program, winesave stores pure food grade argon gas under pressure, which when dispensed into an open bottle preserves wine by forming a barrier that stops spoilage, without affecting the characteristics of the wine. Argon is colourless, odourless and has no taste. As it is inert it does not react with anything, so the wine tastes as good as the day it was opened. Argon comes from the air we breathe, making up just a little less than 1% of the earth's air.


In a hospitality environment, using winesave equals savings by not having to waste opened wines. Winesave is affordable and precision packed in an easy to use container which is safe and environmentally friendly.

For restaurateurs, this means you can serve better, more valuable wine by the glass, whilst keeping it in pristine condition, therefore eliminating wastage or loss of revenue.


For the wine enthusiast this means you can enjoy the luxury of wines by the glass at home, including your cellar treasures.

Asia Sentinel

Wine Accessory of the Year

The Wandering Palate twists the tail of the Tiger to squeeze out his favourite wines (and wine accessories).

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