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WineSelectors Selector Magazine Recommends Winesave PRO

[Excerpt from WineSelectors' Selector Magazine article, published 2 November 2020]


To enhance your love of wine, you need to carefully consider how you're storing and serving it.


When you’ve shared half a bottle one night, and want to save the rest for another occasion, it’s important to minimise its exposure to oxygen. This is because too much oxygen causes a chemical reaction that results in a loss of the beautiful fruity aromas. It can also cause your wine to turn brown and

taste nutty.

While there are stoppers available, and keeping a wine under screw cap in the fridge can aid its preservation, the best way to keep your opened wine in its prime for longer is by adding food grade argon to the bottle.

That’s what Winesave uses in its sleek, easy-to-dispense canisters to protect your wine.

As Matthew Fisher of Winesave describes, there are three great reasons why argon is the best choice. “Firstly, it’s completely inert, making it physically impossible for it to react with anything, so it cannot mess with your wine. Secondly, it’s tasteless, odourless and colourless, so it will not change the way your wine tastes, smells, or looks. Finally, it’s heavier than air – it will sink below the air in your bottle, forming a natural protective layer on top of your wine.”

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