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Australian Wineries Affected by Bushfires

Barristers Block Winery owner Jan Siemelink-Allen in her burnt out vineyard at Woodside. Picture: Tricia Watkinson

Here's a list of wineries in Australia that have been affected by the 2019-2020 bushfires (last updated 7 March 2020), along with links to their social media pages (if applicable).

Ways we can help:

  • check out their websites below

  • buy some of their wine online

  • visit their cellar doors

  • donate to their fundraising efforts

  • attend their upcoming events

  • like/follow them on social media

  • or just send them an email asking how they're doing and the best way to help

Anderson Hill Wines


Barristers Block

Bird in Hand

Courabyra Wines

Elderslie Wines

Geoff Weaver

Golding Wines

Howard Vineyard

New Era Vineyards

Nine Fingers Wine

Nova Vita Wines


Riposte Wines

Simon Tolley Wines

Tilbrook Estate

Tomich Wines

Turon Wines


Thanks to Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine for publishing the original list in their Feb/Mar 2020 edition.

If your winery has been effected or if you know of others who have, please let us know and we'll update this list.

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