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12 Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to Partner with Winesave

We're ready for you now...

1. New Product

  • the recent launch of the new and improved 2018 Edition winesave PRO with up to 150 applications, now patent-pending canister design, and a return to the iconic and easier-to-open box.

2. New Management

  • now 12 months under new management, there's been an influx of new energy, improvements in every area, and big plans for the future.

3. Brand Reboot

  • a concentrated effort well-underway to reboot the brand globally and bring a new awareness to the product.

4. Revamped Websites

  • including a searchable reseller directory with mapped locations, company details website, logo, version of winesave carried, and more.

5. Advertising Investments

  • including ads in reputable print magazines like Decanter, popular blogs, and Google AdWords.

6. Event Sponsorships

  • exhibitions and/or sponsorships at food and wine shows, wine industry events, wine tastings, and regional wine festivals, and even small local wine clubs.

7. Active Social Media

  • engaged with customers and influencers on all the popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

8. Easy Ordering

  • quick n' easy ordering of stock at wholesale rates from our new ecommerce stores.

9. Marketing Resources

  • ever growing library of marketing material, including reseller guides, high-res imagery, marketing templates, and more.

10. Fair Margins

  • heavily discounted wholesale rates with reasonable minimum order quantities.

11. Free Delivery*

  • free delivery on wholesale orders placed directly from Winesave otherwise always at-cost shipping.

12. Creative Partnerships

  • a passion for forming creative partnerships with a wide range of companies, organisations, and influencers, including our growing list of Friends of Winesave.

Contact us today to get started as a reseller/distributor, cross-promotional partner, or just to brainstorm ways we can help each other.


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