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COVID-19: We're Here & We Can Help

We're Here

We just wanted to let you know that we're here for you:

  • In the countries and regions where we distribute directly (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and throughout Europe) our operations have not been affected.

  • Even though the chances of the virus surviving on packages are very low, we have streamlined our fulfillment process so that each order will only be handled by one staff member.

  • We use reputable logistics companies what have all confirmed they are responding to the challenge and are adhering to (and often exceeding) their respective country's safety requirements, e.g. not requiring signatures and stepping back 2m from the door.

  • We have ample stock in multiple warehouses located around the globe with the ability to ship to distributors anywhere in the world.

We Can Help

Social distancing sucks, but we can help - don't hesitate to open a bottle of wine!

  • Enjoy a glass just for yourself - save the rest of the bottle safely for later.

  • Open a bottle of your favourite wine, while letting your partner open their favourite as well.

  • Go ahead and have some sparkling wine before dinner and some still wine during - winesave works on all wines.

  • Treat yourself to that bottle you've been saving, knowing that you can take your time to enjoy it.

Visit our official Winesave Stores for special discounts during this trying time:

And please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

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