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Advanced Winesaving Tips

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Winesave is extremely easy to use and very effective when the instructions are followed, however there are ways to maximise its effectiveness and extend the life of your opened bottles of wine even longer:

1) Use Sparingly at First

While our instructions state to simply press for one second, since the pressure is the greatest when you just start using winesave and you don't need a lot of argon for it to do its job, you can actually get away with only using half a second for the first 10-12 applications.

2) Keep Spraying While You Remove Tube

Winesave's ultra-repellant tube allows the argon to be dispensed closer to the surface of the wine and below the majority of the air in the bottle. By continuing to depress the nozzle while you pull the tube out of the bottle may help to reduce any argon escaping as you remove the tube.

3) Spray a Little While You Taste the Wine

Most of us will open the bottle then pour a little bit of the wine into our glass for tasting. If you want to keep the bottle for as long as possible, spray a very small touch of winesave into the bottle and put the cap or cork back on while you taste. This is what Peter Gago and his team from Penfolds do during their Grange recorking clinics around the world.

4) Use a Decanter

If you know you're only going to drink some of a wine and you have a decanter, pour out the amount of wine you'll think you want for the evening into a decanter then quickly winesave the bottle, rather than leave the bottle open or unsaved while you're drinking.

5) Put Bottle in Fridge

To keep a bottle for as long as possible, you could put it in the fridge after winesaving. The lower temperature slows down the oxidation reaction. However, you'll want to let it return to the optimal serving temperature before serving (otherwise it'll taste flat). And you do NOT want to put it BACK in the fridge AGAIN as the cooler temperatures actually increases oxygen absorption.

6) Keep The Bottle Still

After winesaving, don't go for a jog or juggle your bottle. :) Move the bottle to it's desired resting place slowly so as not to disturb the layer of argon goodness.

7) Keep The Bottle Upright

While the best practice when storing unopened bottles for long periods may be to store them on their side, once winesaved you'll want to keep them upright. This minimises the surface area of the wine and allows the layer of argon to be as thick as possible.

We'll periodically update this article with even more tips over time.

Do you have suggestions as well?

Let us know!


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