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"winesave actually works perfectly for open bottles"

Phillippe Guigal
E.Guigal (Chateau dí Ampuis)

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"winesave proved the best
of the lot

The Daily Telegraph

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"there is a new and extremely simple product available that seems to be more efficient than its predecessors for keeping wine fresh in an opened bottle

Jancis Robinson MW

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winesave award
winesave award

"a watershed development" - the wandering palate

For the legions of wine lovers who don't want to finish a bottle right away, winesave is simply a God send. It's also very liberating.

It's best understood as a way of having wine-by-the-glass at home or wherever wine is served.

Have a glass from one bottle and put the rest away for later. Or, open another or as many as you wish. All without the slightest risk of spoilage.

In the words of the senior international wine judge, Brett Crittenden.............

"At any one time I have perhaps 5 or 6 different wines open, some of which I may not touch for a week or so. But I have the wonderful luxury of having a glass of this and a glass of that according to the circumstances... and my whim. Truly liberating".

keep opened bottles of wine fresh longer